Uninsured Fees

Most medical services in British Columbia are covered for residents of BC by the Medical Services Plan.

Uninsured Services

Some medical office services, called uninsured services, are not covered by BC Health Insurance and must be paid for directly by the patient. These fees may be covered under a patient’s private health insurance and the patient may be reimbursed for fees paid to the clinic. Contact your extended health benefits provider for more information. Please note that KB Health Primary Care Clinic will inform patients of any charges in advance of receiving the service.

Forms / Letters

Disability Tax Credit Form $45
School/Work/EI Sick note $15
Sick Leave Form $25
Insurance form – Short 1-2 pages $45
Insurance form – Long > 2 pages $65
Letter (not medical-legal) $50
Drivers Medical – Form only $75
Chart Request (PDF copy) $39.45
School/Sports/Camp Fitness form $45


CPP/Insurance/Work Partial Exam $65
CPP/Insurance/Work Full Exam $85


Cosmetic excisions – first lesion      $95
Cosmetic excisions – additional lesion at same appointment $45
Cosmetic excisions face – first lesion $120
Cosmetic excisions face – additional lesion at same appoint $65
Skin Tags (each lesion)                    $10
Cryotherapy – 3 lesions or less $35
Cryotherapy – each additional lesion $5


Travel Vaccine Injection Fee                                       $20
Uninsured Appointment                                          $70
Uninsured  ½  Hour Appointment                            $95
No Show for Appointment $25